Maybe you loved each other from the school bench. Maybe it was love at first sight yesterday.
In any case, your heart does not lie not: you want to spend the rest of your days in his arms.
Romantic, you want a wedding that suits you, a wedding at the hotel du Castellet.


Between the curtains of your room, the golden rays of the sun slip. The birds are singing, as if to announce this happy day.
From the top of these hills, you celebrate your wedding at the hotel du Castellet. You are sitting on the terrace.
You drink a sip of tea. In vain, you try to soothe your excitement. This day is finally here.
At the rhythm of your heartbeat, your thoughts twirl in the air. Your gaze is lost on this expansive landscape.
You float on a small cloud, under the azure sky of this Provençal sky.
This tranquility congratulates you on your choice: a wedding at the Hotel du Castellet

Here you are crossing the grass, your feet brush the herbs. Dressed in a little dress and a pair of sandals, you approach him.
The man of your life At the zenith, the sun harmonises perfectly with your bouquet of sunflowers.
The day promises to be warm, your heart burn with passion. And from your bohemian crown, the little breezes leave to escape a few locks,
but, he finds you even more beautiful. In the distance, The sea is witness to this wedding at the hôtel du Castellet. 
The waves applaud, the auspicious horizon eternity. You recite these simple words, which try to translate the ardor of your feelings.
Today, passion takes you and you promise eternal love. Surely, the storm will test your flame.
But that day, do not forget this moment, this place and this serenity. Your wedding at the hotel du Castellet,where love has triumphed.

How to plan your peaceful elopement with me


Schedule a non-sales call

Everyone truly hates sales calls (me included) so I refuse to fo them. We simply chat about what your dream day and travel plans look like to see if we’re a match!


Book your date

We find the perfect date together and you’re officially booked!


I’ll plan your dream elopement

From itinerary planning to vendor suggestions all the way to helping you with permits, I plan everything.


Live your adventure

You live a peaceful, meaningful wedding day on an itinerary that’s custom created just for you.


Relive this day forever

I deliver your pictures and your choice of album from my collection, to remember this adventure, and share it for years to come.

Let’s plan your peaceful elopement

Where you can be you. Feel. Breathe in each other’s love.
Experience a place close to your hearts, or a bucket list dream.

elopement adventure in france

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