Wedding at the Hôtel d'Évreux by Zéphyr and Luna wedding photographer in Île de France

Why organize your wedding at the Hotel d’Evreux?

In love, you have believed and waited. Then you have met the one who adds perfection to your faults. True love is something rare. Yet he offered himself to you. Aware of the value of this bond between two beings in society and humanity, you want the world to discover what you feel. A wedding at the Hotel d’Evreux is perfect to honor that strong feeling that you share with the man of your life. An unforgettable day covered by your wedding photographer in Ile de France.


Adorned with your sublime wedding dress, go forward with pride before your guests and your loved ones. Imagine yourself in the middle of the huge dance floor in the arm of your beloved. Just you and him. A magical moment that you will enjoy remembering the rest of your life. A precious moment that will forever mark your wedding at the Hotel d’Evreux. Added to the professionalism of your wedding photographer in Ile de France, your wedding photos will be beautiful.

To offer you a wedding at the Hotel d’Evreux is to offer you an exceptional ceremony. All pieces of the puzzle are there to make this festivity an unprecedented event. The reception room can be arranged by the hotel’s decorators according to the theme you choose and the atmosphere you want to create. Beautifully decorated tables enrich the interior of this historic house. Your loved ones will be able to sit comfortably and demonstrate the commitment you make. Large windows through which the sun’s rays and the brilliance of the moon will illuminate this prestigious festival. They also give you a very nice view of the outside. Each photo taken by your wedding photographer in Ile de France will remind you of the excitement and euphoria felt during this celebration.