Cathy & Jonathan – a beautiful wedding by a lake near Switzerland

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I am available if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Switzerland. Haute-Savoie (in France) is full of beautiful places to celebrate weddings. Some opt for the mountainous and wild valleys between Lake Geneva and Lake Annecy, while others prefer low mountain pastures with lush meadows. In both cases, the different stages of a wedding day can be captured on an ideal backdrop. “That the mountain is beautiful” as Jean Ferrat sang!

The most beautiful pictures are those where the bride and groom prepare themselves by putting on their wedding outfits, their face tense with jitters and empty eyes, testifying to a total detachment and the trust placed in the relatives or witnesses who help to prepare the couple and collect the ornaments such as a luxury watch, freshly waxed shoes, a resplendent necklace or a tale of a fairy tale. Among the most beautiful photos to our eyes are the clichés of the isolated couple, expressing all their love in front of a valley or a peaceful lake of Haute Savoie.

Lovers kissing each other, intertwining each other’s eyes in their wedding attire, are some of the most beautiful pictures in the world. Finally, the immense expressions that guests, relatives or friends can express at a wedding party are always stunning. The joy transpires from each smile, the pride flows in each shed tear, the love leaps in every step of the dance that will make the participants under the light of lanterns at the edge of a lake or in the dim lights of a mountain dwelling. To not forget these memorable and magical moments, opt for a wedding photographer.

We took pictures.
To remember the sky, and the mountains around us.
We took pictures to remember that moment of silence, when everything was so quiet we heard the sound of the mountain’s heart.

wedding photographer in Savoie

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