photographe de mariage dans le 24

      It was a beautiful day in September, and Millie and Chris had organized everything for their nice day. They were looking for a wedding photographer in Dordogne, and they contacted me. From the first exchange, I knew that I would love to be with them for this day. But organizing this wedding was not easy, because living in London, they had to plan everything from A to Z from the UK.

      And yet …

      And yet, Millie was sublime, in her dress from Hope & Harlequin.

      And yet, the château de Redon was beautifully decorated, and hosted in a bucolic setting the guests, eager to live this day with the bride and groom.

      And yet, love floated, omnipresent, like a veil that we do not want to lift. Like a ray of truth.

      And yet, outside, the tables were put under the trees, covered with flowers and little attentions. The plane trees with branches laden with candles and garlands patiently waited for the sun to set, to finally shine with a thousand lights and illuminate the sky.

      And yet, it was a successful day, with an adorable couple who loved each other dearly and enjoyed the day together with their friends and families.

      And I was there, photographing the course of this beautiful day of September. To live with them, as intensely, the different moments of this extraordinary day.

      Hi Ambre,
      They look wonderful! Thank you so much for such beautiful photos.
      Thank you so much for being there for our wedding. We had just the best time and we loved it!
      Blue skies,
      Millie and Chris

      wedding photographer in Dordogne

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