Genevieve & Jay – a 2-days wedding in the beautiful Highlands

This nice American couple contacted me while they were looking for a wedding photographer in Scotland. Organizing a beautiful ceremony at a beautiful castle, near the Genevieve holiday home, I was immediately seduced by the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

The chateaul is an enchanting place, both wild and medieval. Full of magnificent rooms and mazes of ancient corridors, overlooking the lake below, I was absolutely delighted to photograph in such an environment. The wedding, organized over 2 days, was both grand and intimate, Genevieve and Jay having invited only their family and close friends. After all, they all came from the United States, it’s not very close!

Their wedding planner had thought of all the details, and for 2 days, it was only party, exchanges and emotions. From big news to little details, I followed these lovers in this emotional lift. We walked together on the banks of a sleeping lake, ran in the pearls of dew to catch the rays of a timid sun, and trod the ground of a medieval castle in search of legendary viewpoints.

The castle will remain forever engraved in my memory as one of the most bewitching places in Scotland, for a marriage that is magical, medieval and refined.

Hi Ambre,
WOW.  This is so beautiful and special.  Your photos are just amazing!!!
You captured the event beautifully, it is really stunning.  The expressions, the details, the scene, the moments, the flow.  Some of the pictures brought me to tears!
We LOVE it.  Thank you so much.  We can’t wait to share this with our families.  What a treasure.
We are so excited for the photos!
Warm regards,

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