Fanny & Robin – a beautiful mountaintop wedding in Switzerland

Fanny and Robin got married last July, in front of the mountains of Switzerland. It’s in Gstaad that they decided to have the reception of their wedding, after a beautiful ceremony overlooking the snowy mountains. I met them after their preparations for their wedding at the Hotel de Rougemont.

We then got up to the chairlifts of Gstaad to get to the summit of the mountain and get closer to the magnificent restaurant, the Wasserngrat of Gstaad.

After a very emotional couple session (Fanny & Robin had a first look with the snowy mountains in the background!) we went back down to greet the guests at the restaurant, where the ceremony was held. Here again, a moment out of time, with stunning speaches, laughs, tears and everything needed to make an unforgettable ceremony. Without forgetting the open and magnificent view on the surrounding mountains, the snowy peaks and the Gstaad valley!
Their wedding at the Wasserngrat was a success despite the rain. The ceremony ended with umbrellas but we went in the cozy and warm restaurant afterwars, with stunning ciaroscuros and atmospheres straight from ancient times. One the rain went away, we went outside in the sun to enjoy those last moment on top of the mountain, before we continued the wedding at the Hotel de Rougemont. There, beautiful tables were waiting for them with ancient chairs, cute wedding gifts, beautiful menus and gorgeous florals.
I absolutely loved following Fanny and Robin for their wedding in Gstaad on the sides of the Wasserngrat and in the beautiful Hotel de Rougemont! As you may know, weddings close to nature are my favorites, and I was spoiled here!

This beautiful mountaintop wedding was photographed by Zephyr & Luna, wedding photographer in Switzerland

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