Sarah & Mark – a beautiful fairytale wedding in Chateau Allure du Lac

Thank you so much for creating such beautiful photos for us.
We will treasure them always.
Sarah & Mark

Once upon a time, in a beautiful countryside filled with green valleys and mysterious forests, there was a beautiful woman named Sarah.
Sarah was passionate about books, thus she loved to read and write poems. As a little girl, Sarah was always reading fairytales, folktales and legends, and she loved to get lost in mythical worlds.
When she found her husband, Sarah told him she wanted a wedding that could come from one of her fairytales, with elegant aesthetic of times past, natural beauty, romantism and magic.
The day of the wedding, the sun was shining all over the magnificent white castle. Inside, we could hear the soft sound of bridesmaids walking on the thick carpet, and laughs coming from all the rooms. The Chateau Allure du Lac was delightfully decorated, with a love for ancient and heirloom pieces with a gorgeous vibe.

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