Anna & Andrew – a chic wedding in a family-owned Scottish castle

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Anna and Andrew are English, and they were looking for a wedding photographer in Scotland to celebrate their wedding at the family castle of Anna’s family.

When they contacted me, I was jubilant at the idea of photographing a wedding and an intimate ceremony in such an enchanting place. The fact that Anna’s parents are the owners of the castle would also allow access to all the places, and therefore to rooms and parts of the garden that are normally closed to the public. So it was with great joy (and apprehension) that I went to Scotland, to immortalize what was going to be one of the most beautiful slow-life weddings that I had the chance to photograph.

Anna had thought of all the details, and the day was filled with little natural and decorative accessories of exquisite taste, all in the majestic setting of Tennessus Castle.

Slow life is all about details, and the way you do things. So a slow life wedding in Scotland is just like that: details. Dried flowers. Lavender and white. Old pots and pans. A lovely kitchen that was made by time. Soft fabrics. A thousand-years old building. Memories, everywhere. And love, love in the air, filling it like a candle can fill a room with light, softly.

And in the end it’s always the same. The sound of the waves, the birds passing by, the wind in my hair, and you. Because there’s always you, my love. I remember those snowy days, when the waves stopped in the sea and ice covered the beach. I remember those dogs, running around and barking. It felt like winter, with a sound of eternity.

We can not wish better!
You have been great throughout this beautiful adventure !!
From our first exchanges, we were seduced by your enthusiasm and your professionalism! And afterwards, we really appreciated your responsiveness, your availability, all your precious little tips! And D-Day, you were perfect: patient & discreet, gentle and reassuring.
And the rendering is top! Your photos are beautiful, very pretty, loaded with colors and emotions … It’s a treat! They are the perfect reflection of this wonderful day. And our guests are also charmed!
My only regret is not to have kept you any longer from the day of the party! The afternoon has gone by at a crazy speed, we should have kept you to immortalize the memories of the dinner and the evening … Too bad! I cling to the fact that we can always create with you the pictures of the next memories to come!
Anna & Andrew

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