Your love story is truly one of a kind – a tale of adoration and adventure…

Let’s awaken your imagination… how will your wedding day feel? Perhaps like stirring butterflies, or sweet summer rain on warm skin – the calm unfurling of autumn leaves… 
Like true love’s first kiss – or uncovered magical treasures, hidden deep within ancient lands.

Together we’ll capture your wedding through the eyes of times passed.

To relive time and time again, for many years to come.

Zephyr & luna portrait france photographer

Hi! I’m Amber and I’m a
French elopement photographer

We both know your wedding isn’t just a ceremony… It’s a day to drink in the view of your most beloved people, to dance and cheers… To celebrate love. To celebrate your love.

I take your lead, quietly following you – taking pictures of the big and small moments. Smiles. Touches. Hugs and the in-betweens. I capture the ambient, magic, real and fleeting moments of enchanted weddings and elopements… In a style that looks like you just stepped out of an oil painting.

The Soul behind my work

french elopement photographer


That’s what I’m telling with my pictures, mixing fine art photography and photo-journalism.

Maybe you want something different.

You want someone to be here to capture tour wedding in all its beauty, but also the beauty of the people who will be around you for this special day. You want your laughters and teras of joy to be part of your story and of what will stay. You want to look at your pictures in 1, 10 or 50 years and remember everything that happened on this day.

You want to capture the very essence of your soulmate, in all its craziness and everything that makes you love him/her. This small smile when she looks at you. Those crow’s feet when he bursts out laughing. The way her hair is flying when the wind comes. The way she takes your hand when she is touched.

You want a photographer who will be close enough so your guests will think she’s one of your pals. You want someone discreet with always a smile on her face. You want someone empathic who will feel the emotions and capture them in the most appropriate moments, while respecting your intimity.

I’m sure you’ve visited many other photographers websites, but this one is different.

Photo-reportage is what I do best. I capture moments as they arrive, in the most frank and discreet way possible. I’m in the places that matter at the right moments. I’m invisible and available at the same time. If you don’t look for me, you won’t find me, but I’m always here.

I love summer afternoons lights, when the sun plays with the horizon and lightens it with red and orange colors. At this moment, I’ll take you by the hand and we’ll go out in the wild to have some photographs taken of you two. Couple time. Moment of solitude, just for you two, to enjoy each other in peace.

You want someone different, because you’re different. You want someone who sees your wedding like the piece of art it is, and not only like another saturday to get over with. You want someone who cares about you and what you want, who gives you attention as needed and who will be here if you need her.

I fall in love with all my couples. That’s how I can capture their true essence. Without love, we go nowhere.
So I don’t want you to choose me because I’m the closest from where you live or because my prices are within your budget. I want you to care about who will be here to capture your wedding. I want you to choose me.

Resources To help you plan your elopement in South-West France

How to plan your peaceful elopement with me


Schedule a non-sales call

Everyone truly hates sales calls (me included) so I refuse to fo them. We simply chat about what your dream day and travel plans look like to see if we’re a match!


Book your date

We find the perfect date together and you’re officially booked!


I’ll plan your dream elopement

From itinerary planning to vendor suggestions all the way to helping you with permits, I plan everything.


Live your adventure

You live a peaceful, meaningful wedding day on an itinerary that’s custom created just for you.


Relive this day forever

I deliver your pictures and your choice of album from my collection, to remember this adventure, and share it for years to come.

Let’s plan your peaceful elopement

Where you can be you. Feel. Breathe in each other’s love.
Experience a place close to your hearts, or a bucket list dream.

elopement adventure in france

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