Elopement photographer and guide in France, Europe and the whole world

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      HI! I'M AMBER.

      Elopement photographer based in France and travelling the whole wide world to capture love and adventures

      I’m more than just a photographer. I’m a travel designer and guide to your absolutely unique elopement experience.

      I take the time to get to know your couple, its history and your preferences. I design adventurous elopements and holidays that are tailored to you. I believe that every couple is different, and I work with you to create the perfect luxury adventure-filled elopement.



      How it works


      Your dream elopement can be

      an adventure of a lifetime

      Itineraries, resorts, villas, hikes and culture…your elopement can be more than just a ceremony. Through many years of experience, I take pride in creating journeys that include the most beautiful places to see, at the best time of the day, so your elopement would truly be an experience to remember.


      Frequently asked questions

      Before the elopement

      • Why should we hire you for our elopement?

      Because once we start working together, you won't have to worry about forgetting something ever again. I will be your guide through the planning journey, and craft for you the best elopement day(s) possible, while getting to know you via Skype chats and emails. My aim is to be here for you every step of the way, creating an awesome itinerary specific to enhance your photographs, sending you reminders when you need to book vendors, helping you with travel arrangements, booking accomodation, and just being here for you.

      • We have no idea where to elope, where should we begin?

      I'm in the process of writing a list of the best places to elope in the world, but in the meantime, ask yourself what kind of environment you would like to exchange your vows in, what kind of weather, and if you would like your ceremony to be official or not. All those things will come into account when choosing your elopement location, and I can of course help you find the best place possible in the world if you don't know where to start!

      • What is the difference between an elopement and an intimate wedding?

      The main difference would be in the number of guests you will have for your ceremony/reception. Under 20 would be considered an elopement, and between 20 and 40 would be considered an intimate wedding. In both cases, the couple organizes something that really feels like them, and generally stay away from classic wedding ideas.

      • How far in advance should we begin planning?

      Planning an elopement is easier than planning a wedding, however there are still things to consider. Some vendors need to be booked (photographer, florist, wedding attire, sometimes a wedding venue/hotel, travel, wedding licence), so in order to organize things with less stress possible, allowing at least 3 months before your elopement date is great.

      • Do you only photograph elopements?

      I photograph and guide elopements, intimate weddings and couples adventures. All have a direct link with travel and adventures.

      • Do you travel outside of France for elopements?

      Yes, definitely! I rarely shoot in France and generally organize and shoot elopements all over the world.

      • We don't know what we will need, can you help us and recommend vendors?

      Of course! When we start working together, you will receive tons of tips, tricks, advices and recommendations to plan the best day possible - and local vendors are always recommended!

      • Do you have insurrance?

      Yes, definitely!

      • Are payment plans available?

      Yes, I offer payment plans for couples who would like to arrange something every month. It's easier to see expenses when they are spread over, I get that.

      During the elopement

      • What happens if the weather is bad?

      I always plan 2 extra days (before and after the date we chose) just for that reason. Sometimes a strom is raging outside and going on a hike would be a big mistake. So if the weather is really bad and dongerous, we will go a day before or a day after the date planned. If it's not that bad and there is only rain, we will make the best of it, because rain looks beautiful in pictures!

      • Do we need a celebrant?

      That's really up to you. In some countries (like France for instance) you can't get legally married outside of the town hall. So in that case, having a celebrant would be optionnal but not necessary. You can exchange vows by yourself if you feel like it! However, if you plan on having a legal wedding on the day of your elopement, a celebrant might be mandatory.

      • Can you hike with us to our ceremony location?

      Yes, my family is hiking very often (mostly in the Alps) and I'm used to walking. Plus, the reward is absolutely great, so that would be a big YES for me if you already have an idea about where you would like to exchange your vows.

      • When is the best time for you to arrive?

      If you choose a day-of package, it's best for us to plan my arrival around before the ceremony or during the getting readies.

      • What is a first look?

      A first look is an intimate shared moment with your SO before the ceremony. It is a little surprise reveal of your outfit, just the two of you, instead of walking down the aisle and being seen at that moment.

      After the elopement

      • How long does it take to receive the gallery, USB and prints?

      Your elopement gallery will be available online between 6 to 8 weeks after the day. You will then receive your USB and prints within 3 to 4 weeks. Albums can take longer.

      • Will I be able to share the gallery with all the people who weren't there with us?

      Yes! The gallery you will receive is fully shareable online with friends and family, and they can even order prints directly from the gallery, so you won't have to manage anything!

      • How many images do you deliver?

      I generally deliver about 50 images per hour.

      • Do you edit all your pictures?

      Culling is the most important (and first) part of the editing job. It allows to cut all the images with a weird face, doubles, etc. so you will receive only the best of the best.

      • What if we want to order extra prints?

      I know Fine Art Prints are valuable as they will definitely pass generations with you, this is why I offer them directly in your online gallery.