In every artistic approach hides a vision. It can be suggested, described or murmured, but it is always here.

In my work, I photograph the invisible. What cannot be seen with the naked eye, but what can be felt. Emotions. Feelings. Thoughts. All this is translated by exchanges of looks, touches, smiles. And that’s what makes me throb.

That’s why I photograph everything that permits me to capture those fleeting moments: weddings, families and adventures.

I’ll explain them below in a few words.


I live in the sun’s rays, in the sound of the road passing slowly under my tyres, by the way the clouds play softly with the stars, by the nostalgic sound of the fog spreading on the sleeping pastures once the sun is down, by the way the colors of nature are in perfect harmony every second. I’m defined by landscapes, discovery, wander. I like to discover a place for the simple pleasure of smiling on abandonned roads. And also the sound of my ols typemachine when I type a new adventure one night with a cup of tea.

And you…

I like to discover who you are and your truths. I like to see how you interact together, and what makes the true you, and what makes your couple what it is.
I like to observe you love each other, in silence, and capture all those flying moments which will make, later, the entirety of your identity.

What I love

What I love is you. But the you true, the you intimate, the you real. I take the time to see you as you are, without tricks nor judgement. BEauty is inside, we know it but we don’t say it enough. What truly matters is you, what you do and say, and the wya you love each other.

So what I’m doing atracts mainly the wilds, the rebels and the creatives. The ones who aren’t afraid to go out the beaten paths. I’m calling the dreamers, the contemplatives, the lovers.
Come talk to me, you’ll see, it’s cozy here.


I love to tell stories. Ordinary stories with extraordinary people. I want you to remember the small details and the big smiles. The unsaid, the looks, the touches, and all the in-between moments. I want you to remember, like it is to remember a certain perfume.


Love is not a straighforward story. It’s not posed, it’s not frozen, it’s not even words. It’s all the unsaid, and the feelings, and everything that makes the two of you so special, and imperfect. It’s the adventures, the decisions, the landscapes, the laughter, the quiet moments, the pauses. It’s the way her hair goes with the wind. The lines in the corner of his eyes when he smiles. The way she touches your hand sometimes. And all the moments in bewteen those. The way you hold your bouquet. How the grass played with your dress. The way the sea was fainting in the horizon. And all the other moments.

All that…

That’s what I love to capture. That’s what I’d love to tell about you. No poses, no frozen smiles. Just real. Because who has time to be perfect when imperfection is so beautiful…