I believe in photo albums

Framed images. The paper that supports the test of time like no other medium. I believe in wedding photos that cross generations, to remind us that everything started with love.

I photograph for the paper

The one that will illustrate the story of your life, of your family. When I trigger, I do not do it just for you. I do it for your grandchildren too.

Because there is no ordinary moment

Just a myriad of extraordinary moments. They are the ones who weave the thread of your lives.

And at the end…

…we will think about what we have created, this legacy we have left. And we will know that everything we did made sense. That we left something behind us.

That’s why I take pictures.

It is my mission to recognize that my goal is to preserve your essence. I like to see how you interact together, and what makes you, what makes your couple be what is it. I like to watch you love each other, in silence, and capture all those fleeting moments that will later define the entirety of your identity.

For the memory…

…I include in all my Collections fine art prints with mats, and a Heirloom album. The papers used are acid free and printed with archival quality inks.

Because your memories are too precious to be forgotten on a USB key.

And this album…

… is the one you will bring to your children, and the one they will show to their children. Because it’s your heritage. It’s your story. It’s their story.

I believe in family pictures…

…framed on the walls. I believe in the sustainability of the most fleeting moments and those that will remain in everyone’s memory. What I like is you. But the you true, the you intimate, the real you. I take the time to see you as you are, without artifice and especially without judgment. Beauty lies within, we know it but we do not say it enough. What matters is you, what you do, what you say, and how you love each other.

Because who has time to be perfect when imperfection is so beautiful?

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