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When my couples are looking for a wedding photographer in stirling, they often contact me with a light heart. Indeed, they think they have found the perfect photographer for their beautiful day.

But it is also possible that they make a mistake by contacting me. Why ? Because sometimes our visions of marriage are different and might not agree. So why pay special attention to these details? For if we fly over, for example by not looking at the portfolio of the photographer contacted, we may be very disappointed with his wedding photos.


What offers a wedding photographer in stirling?

Some photographers will offer photo-reporting services. Other photos asked. Still others, only wedding portraits. And others will cover several weddings on the same day. Sometimes, some photographers delegate their services to other wedding photographer in stirling, and you end up with someone you do not know during the day. You have to talk to your photographer to find out how to do it.

A photo-reportage approach

Zephyr & Luna is a wedding photographer in stirling and offers a documentary approach. On the day, you can expect absolute discretion. This allows you to capture real moments, full of emotions, without having to alter your day. Zephyr and Luna can advise you for photos, but will never interrupt you. During the ceremony, she will not walk in the aisles and will never get between your guests and you. His goal is not to disturb in order to capture what happens live.

An all inclusive approach of the wedding photographer in stirling

Zephyr & Luna is for simplicity. That’s why no fees are hidden in its rates. Choose your package, and you’ll be sure to get the images, sorted and retouched, in HD, impressions, as well as a full service. The travel expenses of the wedding photographer in stirling are also included, no matter where you are getting married in France. A considerable advantage if you plan to get married far enough away from Stirling!

A foolproof help

Whether before, during or after the wedding, Zephyr and Luna help you. Before the wedding, your wedding photographer in stirling sends you a PDF filled with ideas and information to optimize the rendering of your wedding photos. It is also available if you need good addresses for your wedding in Stirling. During the wedding, she can support you and help you organize your day. A bobo? She has bandages. A hitch? She can sew up your dress. And for all the rest, she will be there too. After the wedding, you can count on your wedding photographer in stirling to deliver your images quickly. An online gallery will be waiting for you maximum 4 weeks after your nice day, and you will be able to choose your favorite images for your impressions.

Zephyr and Luna is a wedding photographer in stirling

Yes, she offers her services as a wedding photographer throughout the PACA region and Provence, even going as far as Normandy or Brittany to photograph pretty days. If you like the work of this wedding photographer in stirling, we advise you to contact her very quickly. You will be able to block your date and learn more about its services.

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