Wedding photographer in Paris

Many couples are looking for a wedding photographer in Paris to immortalize their wedding day. Thus, many photographers will be available on the beautiful city of Paris. It offers a perfect playground, between lights and buildings of yesteryear. But a wedding photographer in Paris will not accept to take standard photos. The Eiffel Tower is very well known, sometimes even a little too much. So why not ask for advice to go to less touristy places? Because your photos will be more original!

References for a wedding in Paris

Your wedding photographer in Paris will inevitably send you back to colleagues at work fabulous. But here is already a small personal list of my favorite providers.


Dreams in Paris
Dream weddings Europe


Paula Rooney


Challain Castle is perfect for an elopement or an intimate wedding not far from Paris.

So many other providers are available in Paris. You can ask your wedding photographer in Paris for good addresses. For example, he can surely give you alternative reception places. Thus barns, underground restaurants, lounges and small bistros can be in the spotlight for your wedding.

What to see with your wedding photographer in Paris

Your wedding photographer in Paris will surely want to take original couple photos. If you are local, you will necessarily know where to go. But if this is not the case, here are some suggestions of iconic places of the largest city in France.

Eiffel Tower

Oh yes! It is known worldwide, and dominates Paris from the height of its 300 meters. You can climb to the top to have a breathtaking panoramic view of Paris. Choose the stairs if you have a little weight to lose. Or take the elevator instead!

Notre-Dame de Paris

This ultra-known cathedral is in the spotlight in Victor Hugo’s novel of the same name. Perched on her island in the center of Paris, she is one of her icons. You will be able to visit its grandiose interior. Or stroll on its cobblestones and play with the pigeons! Not far away you will find many delicious restaurants.


This hill also dominates the city. To get there, stroll the zigzagging streets and avoid scooters! Once at the top, you will understand the craze for this little hill. So you can see all of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, the Montparnasse Tower, the Seine … your wedding photographer in Paris will be delighted to photograph you!

Les jardins du Luxembourg

Luxurious, exotic, colorful. Such are these beautiful gardens, whether exterior or interior. Find the Asian Japanese garden in Autumn to enjoy its wonderful orange colors. Or go to the big exotic greenhouse all year round for a break from the seasons!

Why choose a wedding photographer in Paris

Good question ! A wedding photographer in Paris will know first what to expect in terms of visiting the city. But not only. He will also know the traffic conditions, not to be late on the day J. Shortcuts, to save you time. Good addresses, to make you enjoy the most beautiful places. In short, a wedding photographer in Paris knows his city by heart!

What style of wedding photographer in Paris is there?

You can choose a photographer according to your tastes. However, there are several approaches:

The photo-reportage

The wedding photographer in Paris with a photo-report approach takes pictures on the spot. It does not affect your day, do not ask you to look at it. So he captures everything that happens, without you ever knowing he’s there. However, some are more sensitive than others. And some are also more discreet than others. Ask your wedding photographer in Paris how he behaves during the ceremony to get an idea!

The posed photo

This approach is more invasive and can be disturbing on D-Day. However, if you are looking for perfect pictures at all stages of the wedding, it may be for you. The photographer will tell you every moment how to put yourself, where to place and where to look. So he will guide you, put his lights, and tell you what to do at all times for an optimized rendering. You will not have photos on the spot nor emotions captured.

The photobooth

This is not really a style but rather an option that your wedding photographer in Paris could offer you. However, this little box allows you guests to make selfies. Some even offer photo printing on the spot! With fun accessories, give your guests an unforgettable memory of your wedding!

And you, what do you offer?

I love to tell stories. Ordinary stories with extraordinary people. I want you to remember the small details and the big smiles. The unsaid, the looks, the touches, and all the in-between moments. I want you to remember, like it is to remember a certain perfume.
Love is not a straighforward story. It’s not posed, it’s not frozen, it’s not even words. It’s all the unsaid, and the feelings, and everything that makes the two of you so special, and imperfect. It’s the adventures, the decisions, the landscapes, the laughter, the quiet moments, the pauses. It’s the way her hair goes with the wind. The lines in the corner of his eyes when he smiles. The way she touches your hand sometimes. And all the moments in bewteen those. The way you hold your bouquet. How the grass played with your dress. The way the sea was fainting in the horizon. And all the other moments.
That’s what I love to capture. That’s what I’d love to tell about you. No poses, no frozen smiles. Just real. Because who has time to be perfect when imperfection is so beautiful…

To know more about my services of wedding photographer in Paris, I invite you to contact me.