A rainy and colorful post-wedding session in a Canadian forest

Recounted by Zephyr & Luna, wedding photographer in Saint John


My best friend is a wedding photographer in Saint John, and when I had the chance to visit this city, I fell in love. So when Melanie and Maxime asked me to photograph their wedding, then to organize a post-wedding session in the forest in autumn, I did not hesitate a single second!

Their marriage was in their image: simple, full of emotions and with their close family. A nice room in the courtyard of a castle, with a large garden to accommodate the wine of honor. But our trash the dress session was the icing on the cake. It was cool, but not cold. We walked in the woods until we found the perfect place to photograph this beautiful couple!

You’re part of my life now…and as I watch your skin move under the dim light, I can’t help to realize you’re the person I was looking for all my life. Where were you when I was lost and helpless? When the days stood by as I watched the snow cover an empty road? When I spent too many hours dreaming of a life filled with love and discoveries?
I’m an adventurer, and you’ll be my biggest adventure.

Hello Amber !!
And now, as we hoped so much, the photos are simply sublime .. there are so many that are simply beautiful that we do not know which to choose to frame them! I think the house will soon be filled with pictures of our wedding 😊. You have managed to capture the emotions of the hardest hearts, the smiles of adults and children, etc. We can not wait to continue the journey with you with our trash the dress !!
Thank you thank you thank you and thank you again

Mel & Max

wedding photographer in Saint John





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