A small wedding in the mountains

Recounted by Zephyr & Luna, wedding photographer in Annecy

photographe de mariage à Annecy

We were all there, facing the immortal mountains, to celebrate a ceremony full of emotions, to live every moment like chills running through our skin, to listen to each letter fly up to the heights.

They were there too, in love, free like the birds flying above us, stars full of eyes and a story as big as that.

It was a wonderful day filled with little details, filled with smiles and exchanges. A day like I love them, a day like all my couples seem to know how to celebrate them. To be a wedding photographer in Annecy is an eternal renewal of beauty, of moments engraved forever. This is the chance to accompany all year round lovers in a special day. But of course it does not stop at Savoy, because love knows no boundaries. It’s a chance renewed with each new request, every new day that unfolds before my eyes and that I have the chance to capture.

The light. Chills. The secrets. The unsaid. And all the rest.

The touches. Smiles. The looks. And all in between.

So I photograph. All. I trigger, eternally, I capture the invisible and also all that is seen. I capture what I feel, what touches me, which pierces my heart and makes me capsize sometimes. I capture you all who trust me. I capture everything that defines you and everything that defines the person you love. Because you chose me when you had so many choices. You have chosen me, so I must offer you what I can offer you better.

wedding photographer in Annecy

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Venue: Le gîte du Passant, Le Reposoir, France

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