the legacy

what will remain


for the memory

The Story of your family

everything began with love

Nothing is worth what is being kept. Nothing beats what transmits from generation to generation, such as your grandmother’s wedding ring, your mother’s pearl necklace, or your great-grandfather’s fountain pen.

Photographs are the tangible trace of what is and what has been.

So I always include physical media in my Collections. Because in 50 years, that will be what you will offer to your grandchildren.


Because your time is very valuable, I simplified the booking process to the maximum. Everything happens online, from contract signing to prints selection.

However, you’ll receive tips, guides and tricks, as well as your USB, your Album and all the other prints you’ve chosen, directly to your door by post.

Yes! I offer payment plan with simplicity, by staggering the number of months remaining before your wedding.

I assume that one is not photogenic when looking at the camera with an embarrassed smile. A documentary approach takes away entirely this variable, because I only capture what’s true, what’s happening before my eyes. So I can tell with certitude that you’ll find in your images everything you loved while visiting the galleries on my website, and even more, because this time, you will be on the pictures!

Yes. Wedding photography is my main job and I don’t have a side job. I’m 100% dedicated to the service I’m offering when you choose me as your wedding photographer.

I work on a full-size professional camera, with dual recording slots, I have a professional insurance and I educate myself every year abroad.

To future brides and grooms looking for a passionate and attentive photographer who will offer them a turnkey service from start to finish.

With a documentary approach, group pictures are not your priority. What you’re looking for are emotions, instants, the people that you love as you see them.

Discretion is required to authentically capture the story of your wedding.

The Heritage album included in all my Collections will also allow you to keep your images for generations, without them getting wrinkled or suffering from technological changes.

I have a family name that’s hard to write (two Ys and two Ts, the perfect recipe to never be found on Google) and I wanted a sweet, nice-sounding name that was easy to remember. I really like the name Zephyr, and I decided to associate it with the name Luna to form one entity and a name that sings.

For a first contact, I invite you ton send me and email to [email protected]

Do not forget to include the date of your wedding and the venue, as well as all the information you will find important. I’ll answer with joy and within 48 hours maximum.

If you prefer to reach out by phone, text message or WhatsApp, my number is +33 (0)6 59 36 17 76 .