Rural wedding at Chateau de Saint Martory

Rural wedding at Chateau de Saint Martory

A small rural wedding at the Chateau de Saint Martory

The Chateau de Saint Martory is a place of reception in Haute Garonne privileged. Surrounded by dense forests, in the heart of Haute Garonne and “Comminges”, this architectural gem attracts future bride and groom with the beauty of its walls and its environment.

Although the castle is located 45 minutes from Toulouse, it is the ideal place for a secular ceremony in Haute-Garonne. Contact your wedding planner in Haute-Garonne to ask him the ins and outs of this type of ceremony. With an on-site chapel and beautiful gardens, this place is perfect for holding a fairy-tale ceremony.

It is true that when we think of an intimate wedding in Haute-Garonne, we do not think first of all about the environment of a castle. But this magical place will make you instantly change your mind. You even have the opportunity to stay on site, thanks to guest rooms throughout the castle. And the owners living on site, in case of questions, you can easily get help.

Parking in the parking lot, do not borrow the main path leading to the castle. Instead, head for the small path that leads to the back, near the moats, and go directly to the esplanade of the wine of honor, while strolling your guests in a beautiful forest.

To contact the Chateau de Saint Martory:

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Mes mariés avaient choisi comme prestataires :
Photographer: Zephyr & Luna
Make-up artist: Natacha Puech
Caterer: Le flamboyant
Wedding dress: Virginie Sauvadet
Groom’s accessories: Le Colonel Moutarde