An elopement in Blackberry Farm, Walland

An elopement in Blackberry Farm, Walland

A woodsy elopement in Blackberry Farm in Walland

Are you dreaming of an elopement in Tennessee but you don’t know where to go? Blackberry Farm in Walland in the place to discover! For an elopement Walland, follow the guide to this beautiful venue lost in the Smoky Mountains.

With accomodation for up to 68 guests and the option to entirely privatise the location, the farm is a dream come true for intimate and small weddings in Tennessee. Also, they rent entire houses to accomodate every need of solitude a couple may have.

But Blackberry Farm has so much more to offer than accomodation. This place in the middle of nature is also the perfect venue for a humanist wedding ceremony in the woods or in a field. Tennessee is a beautiful place when it comes to nature and Blackberry Farm makes no exception!

For food and wine lovers, many events are organized all year long and you might be able to couple your wedding with on of those amazing activities. Learn how to cook with a chef and taste delicious wines before you say yes!

After your ceremony, you can choose to organize your reception outside, below the trees, and install lights and candles to illuminate the night. Enjoy the beautiful view over the Smoky Mountains with a delicious meal and the company of family and friends (and the love of your life!). Blackberry Farm truly is one of the best wedding venues in Tennessee and shooting there has been a real treat for me!

To book your wedding in Blackberry Farm, contact them directly:
1471 West Millers Cove Road Walland, Tennessee 37886
(865) 984-8166
Their website

If you’re planning a wedding in Blackberry Farm or anywhere else in Tennessee, I would love to chat with you and be your photographer! Contact me now to enquire about my availabilities and prices.