If you are looking for a family photographer in Provence, look no further. Zephyr and Luna (it’s me!) Love doing this type of session!

I am a wedding photographer and I travel all over France, but during the week, I love to go for a walk with families and photograph the trombines of their children! At sunset, in an environment chosen just for you, let yourself be guided by my suggestions for a session!

I have been a family photographer in Provence for many years now. Indeed, my parents live in Manosque, and I grew up there since I was 4 years old. I have traveled well since I was 18, but I have always been irresistibly attracted by the wonderful light of Provence. That’s why I settled as a family photographer in Provence. I cover several territories, from the Côte d’Azur to the Hautes-Alpes, through the Baronnies Provençales.

How to choose your family photographer in Provence?

As with weddings, there are several types of approaches to family photography. Everything depends on what you like and that you would like to see from your images!

The studio, not surprising

The studio allows you to shoot at any time. This avoids last-minute surprises and session cancellations due to thunderstorms. They are however very rare! But the studio does not offer all the possibilities of a session in full nature. You will be in a closed environment, under artificial light (and often very hot!). The emotions will not really be put forward, unless you choose your family photographer in Provence for that. There are some that combine studio and emotions, but know that it is very rare.

The staging, for timeless photos

Staged photos, whether in the studio or outside, are always very well done. It is also in this artistic research that the family photographer in Provence will advise you. For my part, I actually propose sessions set and staged. My world revolves around ancient tales, legends and fantasy. We will therefore often meet in a place chosen just for you, with a theme discussed beforehand. Do not worry, there is no surprise! We choose together the clothes, the accessories and the place! It may also be that we choose to go to a castle, to find an even more majestic universe. In any case, your session will look like you!

The lifestyle, for photos on the spot

They say that lifestyle is not directed. But it’s wrong ! In reality, the photographer directs his models, but at a minimum, that is to say that he only suggests the places to sit or stand, and the position of the people photographed. For the rest, it’s up to you! Guilis competitions, jokes not funny, anecdotes, everything is good to involve the whole family and trigger various emotions. There is also the Beloved method, which will search even more deeply for emotions. However, I’m not fond of it. It is sometimes a bit too personal for me, but it is of course a very personal point of view!

Photojournalism, for purists

Some family photographer in Provence propose what is called “a day of memories”. It is a session that lasts all day (sometimes from sunrise to sunset or even later) and that captures all the moments of your family life. The family photographer in Provence comes to your place and lives a day with you. I advise you to organize a minimum this day with various activity ideas. A day of idleness is good but in terms of rendering, it may be poor!

Here are some ideas for family activities that are perfect for your photo report:
– the swimming pool
– the funfair
– the walk
– manual activity (painting, drawing, sculpture …)
– family reading
– board games
– outdoor games
– visit to a theme park
– the kitchen (prepare a good cake all together!)

There are many other ideas, but it’s up to you to find them based on what your family likes to do!

What is the average price of a good family photographer in Provence?

Ah, the eternal question of tariffs! It all depends on the type of session you choose, and what you get when the photographer delivers you.

A studio session can vary from 50 to 1500 € (the range is wide!) According to the expertise of the photographer and what you get as a finished product. A beginner photographer with little material, delivering his untouched photos on the internet will ask you in 50 €. But at this price, do not expect miracles! Professional photographers for years and whose book is well supplied will ask you on average 300 € for the expenses of meeting, and will add all the derivative products there (USB key, prints, albums …).

A sitting posed costs between 800 and 1200 €, according to the photographer again. As its implementation is much more pointed, the photographer works a lot backstage and upstream of the session. Ancillary costs such as renting a place will be paid directly to the chosen location.

A lifestyle session costs between € 300 and € 600, and is often the most popular option for families. Pregnant women and newborn sessions are also perfect for this type of session.

Finally, the sessions per day cost between 1400 and 2000 €, depending on the date chosen.

photographe de famille en Provence

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