A bohemian family session at sunset

Recounted by Zephyr & Luna, family photographer in Saint Tropez

photographe d'enfants dans le Puy de Dôme

In September I organized the second edition of my workshop for wedding photographers, The Roots, in Brittany. Once again, it was a fantastic experience, surrounded by exciting people, grouped around a common theme: exchanged.

But I also had the opportunity to meet Emilie, who had contacted me a few moments before to know if by chance I expected to come to Brittany. It was timely! Normally, I’m a family photographer in Saint Tropez and I move everywhere in Provence, but Brittany remains under control a little too much for a family session. So, make me combine my trip and their availability for this session, allow me to meet this extraordinary family.

We started the session simply by walking in the pines, with a beautiful view of the sea. We chatted about their last arrival in the home, their little baby of 1 month. The light caressed their hair tenderly as I watched them gradually transform into my lens. In the distance, the ocean danced, inviting us to dream. So we learned to walk, until we found some wonderful moments to take a break from the guitar. They sang, their daughter danced, and I was listened to, with a light heart and a smile on my face. For a moment, time stopped. This immutable scene will remain forever etched in my memory, like the scales of a perfect moment. In the end, I was only the spectator of the complicity of this family, gathered around a moment of relaxation, sitting in the grass still a little rain passed.

family photographer in Saint Tropez

photographe d'enfants dans le Puy de Dôme

If you’re also looking for a family photographer in Saint Tropez or anywhere else on the French Riviera and in Provence, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be more than happy to organize a session with you!

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