A maternity session in the winter fog

Recounted by Zephyr & Luna, family photographer in Meribel

When Morgane contacted me because she was looking for a family photographer in meribel and she told me about her lovely family, I immediately fell in love. I could not wait to meet her to immortalize all these moments. A maternity session in the cool, in the month of December, in the frozen vineyards around Méribel. A beautiful moment full of poetry spent with this family that would grow soon.

Let’s look up to see what is not imaginable. Let’s look at the infinite in the eyes, as if it were reducing our identity. Let him talk about us in the past. Let us look at these mountains, these forests, let us carry by the sound of its rivers and that of the silence of its meadows in winter. Let’s listen to the sound of crackling wood, dumb birds shivering in hedges, and stars shining endlessly. Let’s look at the infinite, let him carry us, because tomorrow he will still be there, just like those mountains that are too old to know how to talk yet.

Hello Amber!
First of all I wanted to thank you for this dreamy walk between vines and beautiful stones. Spending time like that for yourself is too rare, and with you it’s a pleasure.
Then what to say when I opened the gallery! I knew I would not be disappointed! But I am amazed! The photos are fairy, romantic, poetic … My little Poupette is to eat between the vines. A moment out of time for our growing family! You really have a lot of talent!
Thank you very much!


family photographer in meribel

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