A contemplative couple session on top of a mountain

Recounted by Zephyr & Luna, family photographer in chamonix

Amandine and Damien were looking for a family photographer in chamonix to immortalize their couple during a commitment session. So I was honored when they contacted me with the idea of thinking outside the box and embracing nature, the real thing. So we climbed to the top of a mountain and we all watched the sun set in the last rays of a summer sun.

We walked together in the forest, looking at the light fade into the golden leaves. It was sunset, and the wind was quiet. The rocks around us were wearing their most beautiful shade of stone, and as we climbed on the higher ones, we watched the sun disappear into the horizon. We felt the light vanishing into the distance, and on our skin. Not a word was spoken for a minute, as we listened to the song of the clouds gathering in the red sky. Soft contemplation.

Good evening!!!
We have just discovered them both. And…. Too much emotion! You have a lot of talent. We love them all! ❤
This moment was wonderful to live. And the memories that we have thanks to you are all the more so. We are even more disappointed not to have you for our big day for the shot lol.
Are we waiting for your news for the rest, then?
Have a nice evening Amber!


(received via text message) Hi! We wanted to thank you for this incredible experience. We received our package and it was opened as two children would open their packages at Christmas. I was sure not to be disappointed in choosing you but then LA! Impressions <3, small gifts <3, but then the key <3 <3! We’ll see you soon because we are sure to see you again for the rest of the events.
Nice continuation to you Amber <3

Amandine & Damien

Photographe couple puy de dome (1)

family photographer in chamonix

Photographe couple puy de dome (3)

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