Simple photography, everywhere

Simple photography, everywhere

I photograph weddings, small and big, families and lovers. For sessions, I am focused on the Auvergne and PACA regions, but for weddings, I have no borders. So if you are looking for an wedding or elopement photographer, you are on the right page.

You want to capture the essence of your significant other, in all his madness and all that makes you love him, that little smirk when she looks at you, those crow’s feet in the corner of his eyes when he laughs , the way her hair flies when the wind gently strokes them, the way she takes your hand when she’s moved.
You want an elopement photographer who is close enough to you that your guests think she is your friend. You want someone discreet and who always has the smile. You want someone empathetic who will feel the emotions and capture them at the most opportune moments, while respecting your privacy.
You have probably visited other websites of other elopement photographer, but this one has given you butterflies in the belly.

Photo reporting is what I do best. I capture moments as they arrive, in the most frank and discreet way possible. I am in places that matter at important moments. I am invisible and available at a time. If you do not look for me, you do not see me, and yet I’m still here.
You want someone different, because you are different. You want someone who sees your marriage as the work of art that it is, not just as a Saturday to finish as soon as possible. You want someone who cares about you, your desires, giving you the attention you deserve and that is there if you need her.
I fall in love with all my married couples. That’s how I manage to capture their essence. Without love, we do nothing.
So I do not want you to choose me because I’m closest to you or because my rates are in your budget. I want you to choose me because you care who will be there to capture your marriage. I want you to choose me.

photographe d'élopement

If you recognize yourself in those lines, please send an email to [email protected] You can also contact me by phone at +33 6 59 36 17 76. Don’t forget to specify the date of your wedding, and all the details you’d like me to know about your beautiful day!

My investment documents are available freely on this page.

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