Since 2013, Zephyr & Luna has photographed with love more than 200 weddings in France, UK, USA, Japan, New Zealand, and many other countries worldwide. She specializes in romantic, chic and intimate events, capturing them with a documentary approach filled with deep authenticity and connections.

Zephyr & Luna, award-winning wedding photographer

Two hearts that beat in unison, one knee on the ground and a “YES”. That’s it. You pass the course. There is no doubt that it is the partner of your life. You will exchange greetings in front of family and friends. This day when, solemnly, you will be one. A moment that will be engraved eternally in your hearts. It is written in the pen of commitment, joined to the ink of love. But why not, to the clichés of a photographer? This loan must be sublime, no erasure is allowed. An award-winning wedding photographer is the ideal. You will fully live your marriage without fear of forgetting it.

With his agile hands, this artist will capture every moment of your wedding. On a wave of nostalgia, you could flip through this chapter of your story. “It’s like it was yesterday” would you say to your daughter. As the blue of your eyes went so well with your Orchid crown. Stunned, you will see the eternal lavender costume of your aunt. But you will smile at the memory of the handsome boy that your man was. You will never regret this award-winning wedding photographer. He gives you those smiles, those dear ones and that euphoria. It’s a day to mark with a white stone.

Remember this oath: for better and for worse. Every love story is entitled to its adventures. Otherwise, it will not be worth reading. From the embers that resist the wind will be born a fiery flame. To hire an award-winning wedding photographer is to keep your promises. Time will pass, the seasons will follow one another, but the memory will always murmur. Looking at the images, the passion will come down every time. At the end of each fairy tale, we have the ritual phrase: “and they lived happily …”