Hello to you

You who like what is true, authentic, simple. You who like the contact of linen on your skin, the way the crickets sing at night, and the sound of thunder through the louvers, in summer. You who like what has value, what stays, what can be willed like a gift.

My name is Amber, I’m a photographer and I let myself being carried by the sun light. I live for the invisible, the ephemerity of time, the fragility of a relationship. I’m defined by landscapes, discovery and wander.

Here I am, with my lover and our baby, in our library.

I live in a small village, lost in the forests, in a 17th century house made from wood and stones. Quentin is a beekeeper, and he loves to garden and renovate our home little by little.
We have a can, Link, like the main character of “Legend of Zelda”, because he’s an adventurer who loves to take a stroll with us in the evening and listen to the chirp of the crickets fade slowly in the meadows.
I live slowly with the seasons, letting myself being lifted by project and instants of life. Introverted, you’ll have more chance to find me on Instagram than in the nearby coffee shop.

To me, memories are as valuable as the present. Because we forget, details, smiles, touches, and all the in-betweens. So I take pictures, for me, for others, for memory, to never forget. I photograph intimate weddings in places that matter.

So, welcome here, traveler. Welcome home.

Our couple picture was shot by Amandine Pinot.

Our house, nestled in a peaceful village, near a fountain and under the wisteria

Link the adventurer, during a stroll in the woods

Our amazing region and its enchanted forests

Our van, parked under the freezing stars of the Scottish Highlands

Slow travelling in Wales

Simple meal in the sound of the snow falling softly on the roof of our van

Our garden-grown eggplants cooked in our gaz oven

Soft day in the sweet light of the louvers

Wild thyme drying nicely



* Two medals and one “Finalist” mention during the national “Prize of French Photography” at the GNPP
* World’s best 100 wedding photographers, Wedding Photographers Society


* Judge for the intenational wedding photography contest Excellence, Inspirational Wedding Photographers (WPS)
* 13th best international wedding photographer, WEDAWARD
* Best French wedding photographer, One Eyeland
* Member of the Artistic Guild WPJA
* Best French wedding photographer – Zankyou International Wedding Awards 2017
* World’s best wedding photographer, WEDISSON


* World’s Best Wedding Photographers, JUNEBUG WEDDINGS
* 3rd best international wedding photographer, WEDAWARD
* Magazine publication in OUI MAGAZINE
* Photo contest “Voyages”, NIKON
* 150 world’s best photographers, SLR LOUNGE
* 15 best French photographers, FRENCH WEDDING STYLE
* Interview on MY BIG WORKSHOP


* World’s Best Wedding Photographers, JUNEBUG WEDDINGS
* Best photographers of 2015, STAROFSERVICE

International awards

24 international awards, WEDAWARD

21 international awards, WEDISSON

4 international awards, WPJA

3 international awards, AG|WPJA

2 silver medals, One Eyeland

1 international award, Wedding photographer society