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Hello to you

You who like what is true, authentic, simple. You who like the contact of linen on your skin, the way the crickets sing at night, and the sound of thunder through the louvers, in summer. You who like what has value, what stays, what can be willed like a gift.

My name is Amber, I’m a photographer and I let myself being carried by the sun light. I live for the invisible, the ephemerity of time, the fragility of a relationship. I’m defined by landscapes, discovery and wander.

I’ve always dreamed of love. It was always this thing that I thought I would never truly achieve, and it obsessed me. I think I fell into wedding photography for that very reason. To capture love, because I was unable to grasp it for myself.

Now that I have a family, it obsesses me in a different way. Now I see it, and I feel it in an even deeper level. It’s in my skin and my soul. I know how it feels. I know how you feel. And I want to capture all that, and beyond. I want to be here for all the little things, and the biggest ones as well. I want to get you, to photograph your couple, to be part of your journey. Because it always started with love.

So, welcome here, traveler. Welcome home.

– Amber

my couples have the sweetest things to say

You were able to capture the most precious moments of our wedding, understand us and respond to our desires, without the need to say a word. Through your photos we can relive all the love and emotions of this beautiful day. We will never be tired of watching your photos again and again ...
We are happy to have been able to count on you.

Marie & Richard

portrait de bébé par zéphyr et luna

Her laughter is the most wonderful sound of the world, and she gives the best hugs.

portrait fanny auer

Because we wander through life together.

mariée en clair obscur par zéphyr et luna

Because despite the fact that it’s all around us, I always need to look for it.

illustration maison ancienne par zéphyr et luna

It’s old, dark and warm.

typical uk scotland picture by zephyr & luna

Its culture, its landscapes, its inhabitants … it is my favorite destination.

van under the stars in scotland - zephyr & luna

Right next door or on the other side of the world, traveling has always been my greatest passion.

bouquet de fleurs de mariée par zéphyr et luna

Plants, flowers, silk, linen, trees, stone…

awards and recognitions

  • 4 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography, WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST ASSOCIATION (WPJA)
  • 3 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists (AG|WPJA)
  • 1 award from the Wedding Photographers Society (WPS)
  • 19 awards from the International Wedding Photography Awards WEDAWARD
  • 21 awards from Best Wedding Photography WEDISSON
  • 2 awards from the World’s top ten wedding photographers, ONE EYELAND



To me, memories are as valuable as the present. Because we forget, details, smiles, touches, and all the in-betweens.

So I take pictures, for me, for others, for memory, to never forget. I photograph intimate weddings in places that make sense, and all the little moments that define a life.

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