Signature work

      from all over the world

      I remember roaming the small roads and discovering fog, clouds and red trees everywhere my tires took us.
      I remember saying “God this is truly wonderful” and smiling with the rain on my face.
      I like it when it’s moody, it kind of makes me feel nostalgic.
      I remember those times when it was winter and the air smelled like burning wood from all the chimneys around.
      I remember the cold. I remember the sad mountains and the wet dogs, and I remember smiling again.
      Nature is definitely my muse, and my memories are also part of the process.
      Smells, music and details can trigger so much, then I remember things I’ve totally forgotten.
      My memory is really really bad. I forget things I lived 2-3 weeks ago.
      But sometimes those things come back from the darkness of my mind and I remember…
      This is why I take pictures.