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      Julie and Kevin were looking for a wedding photographer in Truro to organize their trash the dress session in the forest around Truro, in the heart of wild and magical Nova Scotia. During an extraordinary sunset, we went through the woods in search of the perfect place for a colorful couple session. We found a lake in the middle of the forest and decided to stop there for an intimate and epic session.

      When they contacted me, these lovers had fallen in love with my sessions trash the dress in the forest, so they did not hesitate to book one with their wedding package. We opted for a forest and a wild lake.

      We do not know where to start so we are dazzled by all your work.
      When we look at our photos we feel every emotion, we relive each memory and especially we find the authenticity of each of the people we love …
      You went beyond our expectations.
      A hint on your site makes me say that you particularly appreciate the sublime story Alice in Wonderland. So to make you understand our gratitude I will refer to this beautiful story of our childhood …
      At the moment of discovering the photos, like Alice we are at the edge of an abyss having no idea of ​​the expedition that awaits us … So we let our heart go down and we turn around according to the feelings that we subjugate. Taking our minds gradually we touch the ground and let ourselves be guided by the clues you give us.
      To look at each page of our history is to walk in a familiar and at the same time very mysterious garden that you have magnified to perfection.
      Your presence Amber reminds me of that dear cat … Discretion has any test … You disappear, always reappearing smiling and good advice.
      Just like Lewis Carroll and his famous hatter, you can translate the little madness that is in the eyes of every individual.
      And when the end of the photos arrives, we wake up from a wonderful dream keeping in us a sweet nostalgia and an intense happiness.
      Amber, I hope with these few words have made you understand how your work was fabulous. We are very grateful to you for giving us such magical memories.
      We thank you with all our heart …

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