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      When Charlotte and Guillaume contacted me because they were looking for a wedding photographer in Tenerife, I immediately loved their approach and their kindness. Shy, happy, in love, they were so cute that I could not wait to photograph their wedding! So when we organized together their post-wedding session in an epic moment at the top of a volcano, I was absolutely delighted to follow them in this adventure.

      Let there be light, and let there be dark. Let’s explore the hills together and discover new feelings. Let’s hold hands and let ourselves drown in an ocean of sun. Let there be light, where darkness is all around. May we see other sun die together. May we share the importance of the moon and the stars over our heads. Let us dream, in this bed, tonight. May we remember this storm outside and the smell of the rain on our mossy roof. May we think about cabins in the woods and fog in impossible mountains. Let me dream of your arms when you’re far from me, and let me dream of light.

      Amber, a huge THANK YOU, we received the package! We do not get tired of watching and re-looking at the pictures of the wedding and our trash the dress more than epic !!
      I followed for several years through your blog your different projects and when Guillaume asked me in marriage, I told him “no need to look for a photographer, I know who it will be” You were more than up to it. Your work is just beautiful, you were able to put us at ease in front of your goal. Your photos taken on the spot make us relive the emotion of the moment and all those little details that you immortalize!
      A huge thank you again for your kindness, your availability and your professionalism!
      See you soon because we’ll see each other again!







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