Charline & Elodie – A 2-days elopement on a private island near Bali

Charline & Elodie – A 2-days elopement on a private island near Bali

There are projects like this one, which didn’t go unnoticed in the life of a wedding photographer in Bali. The elopement of Charline and Elodie was resolved to mark a milestone.

With many sublime details and a wonderful list of providers, all in an enchanting place between land and sea, this day was punctuated with moments of emotions and smiles.

Mothers of three wonderful children and already together for life, this elopement was an opportunity for them to introduce themselves, to spend time together, to be pampered for half a day. The make-up artists, dressed and dressed in two sublime tailored dresses, they exchanged a few words under an arch suspended in the wood, then finished with a first view of the ocean, next to a table richly trimmed.

The island is a particularly enchanting place for couples who wish a reception in Bali. Its privileged location by the sea allows to determine the private beaches in no time.

The mansion can accommodate many people, just like the old bunkers located on both sides of the house. For an elopement, this is the perfect place because everyone can sleep on site, and enjoy walks, swimming and games by the fire depending on the season, before and after the wedding.

The sunrises and sunsets are poetic. In the morning, we wake up to the sound of the waves. We light all the windows of the house, and each walk makes us discover a new face of Indonesia.

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Jewlery: Mon truc en bulle
Dresses: Claudine Création
Makeup artist: Billy and Clyde
Rings: Myrtille Beck
Honey favors: La miellerie des monts brumeux
Decoration: Ô bonheur des dames
Horse: Bel air arabians
Silk: Marram
Flowers: Mint and Sweet Pepper
Cakes: Petite douce
Stationery: Blanc sauvage

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