Personal - A 2-months road-trip in a campervan around the United-Kingdom

As a former travel agent, I offer all-inclusive packages for couples and families who want to go abroad and want a tailor-made experience, photographed by someone you trust. Because on holiday, we want to worry about something other than taking pictures and organizing stops, meals and nights, the experience Zephyr and Luna is also that: rest on someone who has more than 10 years of experience as a tour guide, who has become a photographer for 5 years, and who will find beautiful places, secret, hidden, perfect to discover a country and take full eyes. Then, for after, to keep track, to remember, someone who also takes pictures of these moments. Couple pictures on top of a mountain. Family photos next to an icy river. Smiles, laughs, naps, meals, and everything else.

I remember that day, when we passed by that blue lake. It was snowing outside and our car was slowly driving on the white road. There was nobody but us, like time stopped for a moment. Us and that blue lake, down in between mountains, holding the past of waves. So many memories, so many things to remember. And there’s us, in the middle, like blind watchers waiting for a light to shine on details we might have missed. There we are, lost in the moment, ignoring how to come back to life, holding hands and breathing the air. There we are, in love, watching this blue lake dance in the moonlight.

travel photographer in scotland

To know more about my travel agent and travel photographer in scotland services, you can contact me to enquire.


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