Sunset elopement photos in Iceland with a same-sex couple

A peaceful same-sex elopement in Iceland, with waterfalls and horses

Joelle and Sarah were dreaming of legally eloping in Iceland for a very long time. When they contacted me, they were thrilled to plan something in February because they wanted some snow in their photos. Initially, we talked about planning something on the Snaefelsness peninsula, but finally changed plans and went for July and a private cottage not too far from Reykjavik, followed by a beautiful sunset road-trip on the south coast to pay a visit to some of the most iconic waterfalls in Iceland. Our trip was planned, and we met in the afternoon of their elopement to take photos. Joelle and Sarah started by getting ready and putting their wedding attires on. Their immediate family was enjoying the surrounding while they were putting makeup on, together in the moody bathroom. They were laughing, exchanging words and helping each other in the most beautiful ways possible. Then, before putting their wedding attires on, they decided to rewrite their vows on beautiful handmade booklets.

Once they were done writing, they both entered a different room to put on their wedding attires: a dress for Joelle and a suit for Sarah. We planned a first look inside the cottage to be even more intimate. They both cried discovering one another, it was such a beautiful and heartwarming moment!
We then met with Ziggy, the celebrant, and headed directly outside the cottage to get the most beautiful view on the bay. That cottage was insanely handy in terms of location, the guests didn’t have to walk for a long time, the ceremony spot was literally 2 minutes away on flat (and grassy) ground!

Ziggy poured some of the vegan beers Joelle and Sarah are brewing together (if you don’t know that brand, definitely discover it on Drop Bear!) in a horn to drink later, and we started with the ceremony. It was such an intimate, beautiful, heartfelt moment when the brides got together, poured their hearts out surrounded only by their closest family members and the beautiful snowy mountains in the background.

We then headed back inside the cottage to toast with their guests, sign the wedding contract, and get ready for the second part of the day: an epic adventure on the road to visit several waterfalls, horses and a black beach. The sun in July sets around 11pm, so we had time to enjoy the beautiful sunset from the end of the afternoon all the way to the night. After our adventure, we came back to the cottage for another toast with the guests with vegan cheeses, fruits, vegetables and biscuits, looking at the light totally fade and the darkness take in the bay.

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