Couple exchanging their vows at Schynigge Platte during their elopement in Switzerland

A sunset elopement embracing the rain in Switzerland

Two hearts entwined, a love so true,
A bond that grows with each passing day,
Decided to marry, just the two,
In the majestic mountains of Switzerland.

The peaks stand tall and proud and true,
A testament to the earth’s great hue,
As the sun sets, all is right,
In that fleeting moment, all is bright.

Amidst the beauty of the mountains grand,
They exchange their vows, hand in hand,
Two hearts becoming one, forevermore,
In love and married, on the mountain floor.

The air is crisp and the view is clear,
As they pledge their love and start a new year,
Surrounded by nature’s finest art,
They marry with love in their hearts.

May their love continue to grow and thrive,
As they embark on this new life,
Together in love, forever entwined,
Married in the mountains, hearts aligned.

The beauty of Switzerland’s peaks so high,
Provide a perfect backdrop to the sky,
As they start their journey, side by side,
In love and married, forever to abide.

May their love be strong and never fade,
As they journey through life, love’s serenade,
Together in the mountains, forever entwined,
Married in Switzerland, hearts aligned.

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