Flora & Martin – An elopement on top of a mountain with a reception in a chalet

Having the privilege of being an elopement photographer in Switzerland is having the chance to meet couples who want to go out on the beaten track. Couples looking for a photographer of elopements in the Alps, because they wish to unite with ease, at the top of a mountain. An elopement is not a marriage lightly. It is the union of two people who make the choice to stay in a small committee to celebrate this unique day. An elopement is an opportunity to say “I love you” without shame, without restraint, without fuss.

So when these two lovers contacted me to photograph their wedding in the Alps, my blood was only one trick. I have been photographing elopements since the beginning, and they are part of my favorite weddings. Why ? Because they are beautiful, simple and full of tenderness. Not that big weddings are hard, far from it, but the elopements allow greater freedom than the days that are timed. And finally, the newlyweds are more relaxed, and therefore more free too. In the morning, no race at sunrise. Lunch, no meal on the go. In the evening, by constraints of hours: we can do the ceremony when everyone is ready. So if we dream of a union at sunset, this is the way or never to do it.

When looking for a wedding photographer and planning an elopement, or a wedding intimate, it is good to ask what is desired in terms of artistic rendering. Because each photographer has his own way of capturing the moment and “his” truth.

photographe de mariage à Gap

How to plan your peaceful elopement with me


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Relive this day forever

I deliver your pictures and your choice of album from my collection, to remember this adventure, and share it for years to come.

Let’s plan your peaceful elopement

Where you can be you. Feel. Breathe in each other’s love.
Experience a place close to your hearts, or a bucket list dream.

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