Marine and Etienne got married in beautiful Lyon, France. Since I wasn’t available for their wedding day, they decided to hire me for a post-wedding session near Etienne’s parent’s house, in the Lyon countryside. I knew this session was going to be special when Marine first contacted me. She was really dreaming of something at sunset, with beautiful lights and ambiances, the forest and wheat fields. And I couldn’t dream of something else myself after reading how dedicated and passionate she was about this sessions.

      After a little scare due to the weather being very changing, we finally met the night of the shooting. I had to drive 7 hours return to get there, but it was so worth it. The love between these two irradiated the whole countryside. We walked through the beautiful forest to find the light, and got back to the wheat fields nearby to take beautiful sunset pictures. We talked the whole time, about what we expected from life, and other things. It was truly magical.

      by Zephyr & Luna, wedding photographer in Lyon

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