Couple eloping in Normandy at the Abbaye d'Hambye ruined chapel

A 3-day adventure on the coast of Normandy

Two hearts in love, a journey begins,
To a ruined chapel in France they set off,
To exchange their vows and start anew,
In a place of beauty, ancient and true.

The chapel stands, a testament to time,
A symbol of love, of heart and mind,
As they pledge their hearts and say “I do”,
A new journey begins, just me and you.

And so they set off, hand in hand,
To explore the beauty of Normandy’s land,
From Mont Saint Michel to Bayeux’s town,
Their adventure has just begun.

They wander through Rouen’s charming streets,
Taking in the sights, the sounds, the beats,
Of a place so rich in history and art,
A journey that touches the heart.

And as they roam, their love grows strong,
As they discover all that Normandy has to offer,
From the cliffs of Etretat to Granville’s shore,
Their love knows no bounds, it will endure.

Two hearts in love, a journey complete,
Their love forever solid, never obsolete,
As they wander through the beauty of France,
Their love will endure, given the chance.

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