Couple on a superjeep after their elopement in Iceland

A 3-day adventure in Iceland with a ceremony by a waterfall

Two hearts entwined, a love so pure and true
In Iceland‘s wild, they vowed to spend their lives anew

The glaciers gleamed, the waterfalls did sing
A natural beauty, a sight they couldn’t bring

To leave behind, this land of fire and ice
So they explored, and took in every vice

The beaches stretched, as far as the eye could see
A perfect place, for their love to be free

But the winds did blow, on that orange alert day
Their love held strong, in every single way

The ceremony took place, despite the gusts so rough
Their hearts were filled, with love more than enough

The adventure continued, inside a glacier they went
Their love grew stronger, with each moment spent

And when they were done, they feasted on delicious burgers
Their love now sealed, as strong as it was at the start

In Iceland’s wild, they found their perfect place
A love so true, they’ll never forget this space

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