A Faroe Island elopement on a beach followed by an epic photoshoot at sunset

I had such a blast planning and photographing Jenn & Rory’s elopement on the Faroe Islands! It was such a beautiful day filled with love and mutual acceptation! We started the day in their epic Airbnb overlooking the mountains and the ocean, as they finished getting ready for their ceremony. We then hoped in our cars and drove all the way to a secluded black beach, where they exchanged their vows. It was a peaceful moment, when the mountains stood still and listened quietly as they exchanged their vows. We then headed to Tórshavn for a lunch (without stopping to say hi to the beautiful Tinganes quarter), then they had their official ceremony, celebrated by the Mayor himself! We then headed back to the beautiful Faroese wilderness for an epic adventure photoshoot at sunset. We hiked up the mountain for a open view on the surroundings and we even saw the beach where they had their ceremony that same morning! It was a day filled with mist, wind and epic locations!

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