Kristina & Tyler – A chateau Challain elopement followed by a 10-days honeymoon in France and Italy

Kristina and Tyler contacted me with a very special project in mind…they were dreaming to elope in France and also wanted to organize something special around their elopement: travelling in europe and having all this adventure planned and photographed by someone.

They knew I offered Adventure sessions and wanted to create a road-trip in France and Italy in order to visit some of the most iconic places of the countries: Paris, the Falaises d’Etretat, Venice and Verona. So I created a 10-days itinerary in Europe just for them, with specific times to be at specific places in order to shoot at the most beautiful moments of the day. But of course, first, we had to plan their elopement! This is when the Chateau de Challain was chosen. A magnificent chateau near Paris, specialized in elopements. They truly offer something special when it comes to organizing a special day like Kristina and Tyler’s elopement!

They exchanged their vows in the beautiful garden, and then we had a stroll in the park to photograph the newlyweds in the sunset. After a delicious meal in a beautiful room of the chateau, they headed outside to enjoy beautiful fireworks over the park. It was a magical day.

The day after the wedding, it was time to leave and head to the Falaises d’Etretat for a sunset couple session. If was cold and windy, but Tyler and Kristina didn’t mind: the view was so magnificent! It was a piece of cake to find beautiful places to take pictures, and we even went down to the beach to fully immerse ourselves into this oceanside landscape. After the session, we went for a well-deserved meal in a renowned restaurant and tasted delicious and fresh seafoods.

Then, it was Paris. After a 3-hours car drive, we discovered the Eiffel Tower and the Cathédrale Notre-Dame. During 2-1/2 days, we strolled around the city with a specific agenda in mind: taking beautiful pictures while still wearing their wedding attires. Once again, planning was a breaze as Paris is a beautiful and romantic city. I wanted the couple to enjoy fully what the city had to offer, and take pictures with the most iconic monuments as well as the lesser-knowed little winding streets and colored avenues. It was a great 2-1/2 day spent in the capital of France!

Tyler and Kristina flew from Paris to Venice, and I organized their airport shuttle to the center of the city. Since I had my car, I drove all the way down to Italy and parked outside of the city center since it’s impossible to visit Venice by car. Our accomodation was absolutely well located in the center of Venice, and we enjoyed a boat ride to get there. Venice truly is magnificent, and a romantic city indeed. It is filled with beautiful buildings, ancient canals and brides, and streets so little and quaint it’s impossible not to take pictures in them. We had a great time in the city, visiting once again all the iconic monuments it has to offer, and being in awe with the less-traveled streets. We enjoyed delicious Italian food and gelatos of course! Venice, adored by poets and artists such as Maupassant, Monet, Courbet or Flaubert, is synonymous with romance with its famous romantic canals. The blue of the ocean, the white of the stones, the green of the hills in the distance, all colors mix to offer to the bride and groom a bucolic decoration of first choice. The wedding photographer in Venice must then follow the couple’s day in a discreet but careful way to capture every strong element of the wedding. The Venice canals are perfect for the photo shoot. The sea gently licks the white stones in a pleasant light where the newlyweds can walk in all simplicity, exchanging kisses and looks in love with only the sound of the waves at their feet.

Verona was the end of the trip and we were all so sad it had to end so soon. Walking in the streets of this beautiful, less touristic place felt like we were stepping back in time. We visited Juliet’s home and took pictures in the beautiful little streets, walking by restaurants and patisseries. When it was time to say goodbye, we were very touched as we just spent 10 days together, and it was an amazing experience for all of us! A little later in the day and a little further inland, the wedding is in full swing. In the shadow of a beautiful Venetian building, guests enjoy fine food while children play in the grass. Balloons float in the air, marveling young and old. The tables are empty and give way to desserts, sweets and other sweets. The wedding rings just passed to the fingers of the bride and groom twinkle under the red light of the setting sun. Lovers try a few steps of dance, releasing love in the summer air Italian iodine that surrounds them, under the complicit look of the wedding photographer in Venice always on the lookout for the perfect shot that will accompany the participants of this happy day …

Kristina and Tyler, I wish you a life of love and epic adventures like this one!

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