Danielle & Dirk had an incredible elopement on top of a French volcano, and I was very lucky they contacted me to be there with them.

      We ended up on top of a mountain and took the cogwheel train to get on. They dressed hastily at the top, in the wind that blew (as always at the top of a mountain). The clouds were threatening, and we ate with our jackets, while it was late August! Then, it started to rain. So we walked slowly to go around the summit. Once we got close to where we started, I saw it. The sky. Ignite, take golden, golden colors. So I screamed, and we ran to the other side, to see his rays coming out quickly in a cloud hole. We caught this moment out of time, and then left with a light heart.

      It was summer.
      The atmosphere was heavy and the sky electric. We walked to the summit of this volcano, to see the view. To feel alive. It was a long hike up but the rain was cooling us.
      I remember having my suitcases from a 4-weeks roadtrip through the US still in the trunk of my car. It was now or never.
      So we walked up, and took the rain with us. We changed in the wind and started shooting. We ate in the summer wind, and let the sun take us from time to time. The rain was falling, but we didn’t care. We were alive, and that’s all that mattered.

      We received everything, it’s too good to see all these photos! Thank you it’s just perfect! It took 1:30 to watch everything this morning, it was too much emotion! We told each other lots of new details of the day D with each photo! It’s really huge what you did! Your work is just sublime and I’m so happy you could be with us that day! The result is so perfect! People call us because they can not believe the photos!!!! Your presence and your photos during our elopement bluffed our friends and families and made them change their minds about wedding photographers (and classic weddings in general!).

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      by Zephyr & Luna, wedding photographer in Lyon




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