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      Couple adventure planner, photographer and guide

      Couple adventure photographer and guide

      What exactly is an adventure?

      An Adventure is a totally original couple session. Instead of taking an hour and go to a place we already know, we go together on the road, from 1 to 15 days, and discover unknown territories.

      The session then becomes a window on your intimacy, with glances, shares, discoveries and also portraits in fabulous landscapes. We take the time to discover what’s new, and to let us drive on the road into the vastness of the unknown.

      The destinations are as original as the concept: I look for incredible, epic and wild places, away from the crowds and the beaten paths. Hidden places, secret places, that only the most curious know.

      The Adventure is an intimate road-trip, punctuated with candid photographs to immortalize the most fleeting moments of the life on the road. Hair in the wind, moments of fullness, guitar notes by the fire, and looks exchanged throughout an itinerary thought and created just for you.Come discover the world. Go on an Adventure.


      What's the difference between an adventure and a couple session?

      An adventure is planned, structured and organized over a few days (from 2 to 14) and is just like a beautiful holidays, with pictures of the two of you taken while it’s happening. And since planning for photo sessions implies knowing everything light and locations-related, Adventures are this kind of optimized trips you will never forget.

      On the other hand couple sessions are generally 1 to 3 hours long and don’t involve any travelling, so they are very different in lenght and location.

      Do you want simply a photographer...

      Or do you want a guide, someone who will craft the perfect itinerary for you, thinking about everything from A to Z, and accompanying you in those locations to take epic and amazing pictures? Do you want a friend, someone you can count on, who will be driving you, photographing you and checking on you every minute to be sure your experience is flawless and magical?

      If you’d rather opt for the second option, I might be just the one you’re looking for!


      Things I will help you with or take care of when we work together

      A couple adventure can be organized during your honeymoon, or as part of a simple couples holiday.
      So you can choose to wear casual clothes, or to wear your wedding attires once again!