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      When you are planning to have a wedding in Bordeaux, France, you will definitely have a lot of planning to do. It is always nice when you are able to get things in order and know that they will begin to work right. One of the necessary parts of a wedding is the Bordeaux wedding photographer and without exception, having a great one will make all the difference in the world for making the perfect memories for your special day. With the perfect photographs, you will have the ability to capture all of the fantastic moments that are yours and unique.

      A wedding photographer that is excellent

      Since you will want to have the best photographer for our special day, my services are available. As a wedding photographer in Bordeaux, my shoots will make your special day and an impressive and exceptional way of remembering all of the precious moments that occur.

      My approach to wedding photography as a Bordeaux wedding photographer

      As I have a very artsy approach to the wedding photography that I perform, you will find that I take a very artsy approach. You will be pleased with the photographs that I can take and I like to get inspirations from extraordinary paintings that I have seen in various wedding scenes.

      Bordeaux as your wedding destination

      When you are planning to get married in Bordeaux, you will find that the chateaux around Bordeaux are a popular place to have yours at. The wedding venues accommodate 50 guests comfortably in gorgeous rooms for your wedding experience. Having your wedding in Bordeaux is a very romantic setting with much to do and see. You will be impressed with the service that you will receive so that your wedding can be as memorable as possible. It is all surreal and like a fairytale when you plan your wedding in Bordeaux and you will want to stay for as long as you can to take it all in.

      How my Bordeaux wedding photographer process works

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      Consultation - The first thing that will happen is a consultation to determine your needs for your wedding. This is how I will be able to give you information on the package prices and such.

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      Booking - We will then set up the booking for your special day. Once booked, you will receive every tip, advice, timeline and vendor recommendations for your big day, so you can plan with a peace of mind.

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      Wedding Questionnaire - I like to have my clients fill out a wedding questionnaire. This is so I have a great idea of what types of photographs will be absolutely perfect for your particular wedding. As mentioned before, I take a very artsy approach to my photographs and they are inspired by paintings.

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      Wedding Day - The wedding day will be filled with great pictures. You and your spouse will be photographed in a variety of ways to capture all of the special moments.

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      Day After - I also like to take photos the day after the wedding. Of course, this is up to you and your spouse.


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      I look forward to hearing from you so that I can take part in your special wedding affair as your photographer. Contact me as soon as possible to arrange or your consultation as you begin your journey of wedded bliss in the beautiful and romantic Bordeaux area. You will surely have the most memorable day of your life and as you and your partner proceed forward with the rest of your life together, you will have the photos to remember all of the special intimate moments of your wedding.

      Not sure about the Bordeaux area for your wedding?
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