The best caterers for your wedding in Dordogne – top 3

      As a seasoned wedding photographer, I have photographed more than 100 weddings all over the world, but mainly in Dordogne, where I’m based. And even if Dordogne is a one of the best places to try French cuisine, not all wedding caterers are great, or even good.

      As you plan your destination wedding in France, you might wonder how to choose your vendors wisely. This is why I’ve decided to put together this little article, in order to help you decide which caterer is best for your wedding in Dordogne.

      A humanist ceremony in chateau de redon by celebrants in france / zephyr & luna

      Some wedding venues in Dordogne have their own catering service, which is great, but if the chateau or venue you have chosen doesn’t, you might wonder how to find the best caterer for your wedding.
      I will start by warning you: caterers are booked somethimes 2 years in advance, so if you’re planning a wedding in the next 6 months, you might have a harder time finding a great caterer in Dordogne, and visiting might be one of the best options you have: some caterers are great and don’t have a website, or aren’t easy to find. Local, small villages caterers generally use local and fresh products and their menus will be delicious.
      While you visit, you can also ask restaurants if they cater for events outside their establishment. This option will also offer you an emergy plan if you’re having a hard time finding a caterer for your wedding in Dordogne. It will also allow you to taste the food right away while having a nice, candlelit dinner with your fiancĂ©!

      But you might also try this selection of seasoned and amazing caterers in Dordogne for your wedding, they might have your date available!

      1- Finesse Cuisine
      I had the chance of working with the Finesse Cuisine team at Millie and Chris wedding at Château de Redon, and they were amazing. Fast service, delicious, local and fresh food, the best weine selection you could ever dream of, and a mouth-watering croquembouche for the desert.

      best caterer in dordogne


      2- The Event Kitchen
      Presley and Catherine are a husband a wife team, with a lot of years of experience in catering. They specialize in weddings and private events, and have a love for local recipes and fresh products. When you know you’re in Dordogne, where the food is a cultural asset, you will experience a high quality service while hiring them!

      best caterer dordogne


      3- Lovage and Pumpernickel
      This team specializes in wine tasting all over the Bordeaux and Dordogne area, and also offer a catering service, offering fresh products and local recipes for the best food experience you can imagine. As you might guess, their wine selection is beyond amazing.

      best caterer dordogne lovage and pumpernickel